Sunday, February 20, 2011

the little shirt dress

The deconstruction of a plain white shirt
awsome project by surya sir... i love this particular creation of mine and hansraj's.

The liitle shirt dress
photography - hansraj
model - tanvi

The Swing

The Earth could never hold her roots like the sky and the clouds do.

She grew beautifully with her roots in the air, her branches almost touchingthe earth.

Far enough so that when she attached the swing of her thoughts to its branches, she could with each rhythmic movement of her legs touch the earth and the sky subsequently.

It makes me smile, she may be a dreamer to you, to me she's just a little girl on a swing.

In the previous post if you see the picture carefully ... my mom is wearing a pantsuit........

the reason i m obssesed with the picture is my obsession with that attire and as most of my close friends know my obsession with ysl.....

yes the master of pantsuits and as i like to believe the master of style here is a little tribute to my god i thought it would too be a good way to get things started...